Fi2o Honored

Dear Members,
We would like to share with you the latest great news concerning the activities of our movement fi2o.

The fi2o movement won the “Ford Motor Company Conservation & Environmental” grant in support of our project entitled “Reforestation of Chabrouh Dam Area: Creating a Microclimate in an arid zone” which is going to take place this summer.

The “Fi2o movement” was chosen amongst several candidates to benefit from the grant not only because of the nature of our project but also due to the professionalism and motivation that we showed during our successful tree planting day of last summer.

We will be providing you later on full details of the event that is going to be organized most probably in summer.

We are still counting on your motivation and support to make all of our events a success and to reflect the best image of fi2o as one of the most active and prominent association of young generation in Lebanon!

Best regards,
The Fi2o Team

Saif 840

Casino du Liban is proud to host "SAIF 840" at the Theater from Thursday, February 4, 2010.

"SAIF 840" is the birth of the revolution, the story of leaders from all Lebanese communities and rites who swore on 7th June, 1840, before St Elies altar at Antelias to unite against Emir Bachir II who was an ally with the Egyptians and the French.

"SAIF 840" is the story of people eager for freedom, a story of resistance against injustice, of repression, and a story of others wars on our land. "SAIF 840" is the story of starvation and unfair taxes.

"SAIF 840" is a historic epic, signed by MANSOUR RAHBANI, who is always present in everyones memory.The play is a blend of great scenario and music and splendor in the singing art by Ghassan Saliba and Hiba Tawaji.

Photos provided by Georges Matar - ©

- Trailer 1
- Trailer 2