Lebanon in 360°


This project is the outcome of the digital photography revolution at the service of the Lebanese heritage.

For our children and the upcoming generations, our duty is to preserve, yet document the legacy at our time.

For our brothers and sisters from the other shores, those who feel these remote roots planted in the red and hot soil of the land, we wish to introduce them ti this land and let them share in it.

For our vistors, whose curios souls felt on our shores, this project is a gift to consume without any moderation.

Project description
  •  A unique tour of Lebanon in a 360-degree HD mode.
  • North Lebanon, Mount Lebanon, South Lebanon, The Chouf, The Bekaa and Beirut.
  • Interactive map navigation.
  • More than 150 Fully HD panoramas of Lebanese historical, natural and cultural wonders.
  • Including comprehensive 360 HD Tours of Baalbeck Temples, Aanjar, Byblos Citadel, Tyr Archeological site, Tripoli St Gilles Ctitadel, Beitedine Palace, Beirut National Museum, The Jeita Grotto, The cedars and Jezzine area.
  • A photo gallery of still images.
  • French, English and Arabic versions.
  • GPS Coordinates of each panorama.
  • Navigate the Tours in Fullscreen.

- With the support of Byblos Bank
- Platform MAC / PC
- Photography by Melkan Bassil - All Rights Reserved
- Creative by Marwan Bassil
- A project by Swelpix Interactive Agency
- Price : 15 USD

Pour charger la licence du logiciel Pano2VR, cliquez ici.

Port de Byblos : cliquez ici.

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