The right way of driving... According to the Lebanese !

Learn to park like a Lebanese, save time on the road, read road signs, and tell a normal situation from one to avoid.

Manual-sized (21x31cm) - 116 pages - 2 colors - $8 - 3 languages - reads right-to-left for Arabic by turning upside-down

Available in Lebanon at the following venues :

  • Virgin Megastore, all branches.
  • Café Younes Gourmet, Hamra.
  • Librairie al-Bourj, down town Beirut.
  • Papercup, Mar Mikhael.

1 comment:

  1. Dear You,

    Just let me tell you that I highly appreciate the title of your leaflet.

    Indeed Lebanon is fundamentally the country of the lebanese people.

    But Lebanon is also " my " country.

    Not only because my parents are lebanese natives.

    Bu also, and principally, because " beauty " is the property of all humanity...

    So your are perfectly right when you tell the whole world these simple and sensible words :

    " Discover your Lebanon "

    Because " Your " Lebanon will remain also " My " Lebanon forever...

    Kindly yours,
    Antoine GED