New Album of RAmez - Canvas

RAmez is the 1st Lebanese French Rap Artist to make it to the NRJ Lebanon Top 20, after leaving Beirut during the civil war and gaining experience from the musical scene in France and the United States.

In 2001, two tracks by RAmez were selected to be part of a compilation exclusively distributed in the United States : “Ma flamme” and “Y’aura pas de paix” (Songs from the Edge 2001).
The same year, RAmez released his first underground CD called, “Le Monde est A Refaire” (The World Should Be Rebuilt).

In 2005, RAmez was recognized and signed a contract with Temple Entertainment.

In 2007, RAmez’s first CD was commercially released all throughout Lebanon and the track “Leich Heik Baladé” became a major hit during the summer season, reaching number 5 in the NRJ Top 20 and number 24 out of all hits aired on NRJ for the year 2007.
In the same year, RAmez released a new track called “Un Monde de Fou” on a French Rap compilation while all the songs of the EP became available on the net and kept on playing on radios all over Lebanon.

After the success of “Leich Heik Baladé” he managed to work with an amazing team to produce in France and Lebanon quality work that he believes you will appreciate.

His new album “Canvas” is now available in all branches of Virgin Megastore in Lebanon and on Itunes.

While looking forward to hear your feedback, you will find below the track list for this album.

  1. Intro
  2. Quel interet?
  3. Ma Famille
  4. I’m Lebanese
  5. Education
  6. Men Afri2ya La loubnan
  7. Merci
  8. Roomate
  9. Stop talking politics
  10. Life’s a Canvas

The RAMEZ Productions Team

1 comment:

  1. RAmez what you are doing for the love of Lebanon is “Almost Unreal” your CD “Canvas” has many subliminal messages that I don’t understand fully yet. I don’t know how to explain its power, but it is as if we were pushed to be an actor in every song and had no other choice but feel every word and sound. Strange feeling at first and very uncomfortable especially when you have no control over your senses or body. It is even scary at moments but the emotion is overwhelming and now I understand, feel, and live every second of your 33 minutes master piece.

    Let me tell you that you will be hated at first by many but understood on a later stage. I understand why you called this album Canvas. Continue you are an influence for many of us and a real artist. I have a question though. What technology have you used for the production of your album? Is it legal to use it? Is it similar to the 3D for movies and how can It apply to our ears? How come I don’t feel the same when I listen to your album on the net or on a copy? Is this technology used in the music industry to stop piracy? How can you explain my senses going out of control? I hope you understand me. I researched everything about you and the only things I could find are your previous interviews? Why have you chosen to be silent with such a powerful product?

    I cannot believe we still have artists like you in Lebanon