RPN - Restaurant, Pubs and Nightclubs in Lebanon

Welcome to our second edition of your favorite handbook to everything that Lebanon has to offer.

In our previous edition, we believe we came out with a bang to bring to you a detailed and informtive list of the finest RESTAURANTS, the swankiest PUBS and the flashiest NIGHTCLUBS in the country in addition to the finest HOTELS, wildest EVENTS, and MUCH MORE, and we hope to keep bringing you the finer of the finest still.

With the start of the year's oth quarter, it would be of no surprise that many outlets will come out with some Earth shattering offers and of course, delicous food and much more to enjoy the last few months of the year. Go through RPN and narrow down on the best of what Lebanon has to offer.

In this edition, you will find plenty of features on lifestyle and culture which reflect Lebanon in every angle and also on how one can better their current lifestyles. also, find additional reviews of RESTAURANTS, PUBS, NIGHTCLUBS, HOTELS, and much more spread across the country.

We hope that, as before, you find this edition as comprehensive as the first on and it's guarantee that it will keep getting better and better. I would like to thank you once again for choosing RPN. After all, you have chosen the best of the rest !

Enjoy Lebanon !!

Bassem Attar

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