Classic Car Show 2011

The Beirut Souks is excited to host at “The Venue” the Beirut Classic Car Show for 2011. With over 50 classic cars from the XXth century spanning the 1920s to the 1970s, collected and preserved by Lebanese enthusiasts, the show will most certainly strike a chord with any car enthusiast.

Cars on display in “The Venue” can be viewed from 16:00 til 22:00, however everyone can enjoy the cars on display along souk Arwam from 10:00 until 22:00 for the duration of the exhibit.

To discover beautiful photo galleries, click on the links :


  1. I've always wondered what kind of garages real car enthusiasts have. I'm guessing them to be the holy grail of tools and auto parts.

  2. I hope there are more car shows like this someday. I am a fan of classic cars and I would love to attend another one. As a long island toyota owner, I always have a passion for the brands that already made a name through the ages.

  3. I hope there are more car shows like this. I would request the long island hyundai dealers to organize one.

  4. I have a used lincoln mkz at home that I wish to join to car shows. How can I join one?

  5. Dear Jamie,
    You should contact Beirut Souks (

    They have organised this event of "Classic Car Show".