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BEIRUT PRINTS brings together a group of Lebanese photographers in addition to a few photographers of other nationalities to present works on the seemingly simple idea: reveal the other faces of Beirut. This city can sometimes be violent and war-ridden, flaunt provocative singers and dubious politicians. But it is also a lovely place to live in, full of stories and nooks… And through the medium of photography, BEIRUT PRINTS has found works and hence photographers who do just that: reveal the bright and dark side of Beirut, its poetry, mysteries and ordinary things.
The journey began in 2011 with eight photographers: Eye Clot, Tony Elieh, David Hury, Mazen Jannoun, Ghadi Smat, Tanya Traboulsi, Toni Yammine and Lara Zankoul. And many more will follow...
So, please join us in discovering through this website the many hidden facets of this wonderful city.

BEIRUT PRINTS works to challenge the perceptions people have of Beirut. Taking photographs of the city may not seem the obvious way to take, but sometimes images can go a long way towards change. This project also aims to encourage rising and talented photographers working in Beirut through providing greater exposure for their work and paying royalties.

The Offset Posters
In December 2011, BEIRUT PRINTS launched the first series of 28 posters (58x88 cm) available in bookstores around Lebanon, at the Beirut International Airport, and online packaged in specially designed tubes.

The limited edition photo prints
In February 2012, BEIRUT PRINTS introduced limited edition art prints of a larger variety of photographs on Beirut with the choice of two types of paper (Epson UltraSmooth Fine Art and Epson Premium Semimatte Photo Paper), and in three different sizes (40x60cm, 50x75cm, 80x120cm). Each print is signed and dated by the photographer.

Helwi Beirut - 15 décembre 2011

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