Touch - New campaign for Text&Talk

The majority of subscribers in the country are prepaid consumers, so Touch wanted to launch the first ever bundles (packages) for prepaid lines, that would save them up to 62% on calls and sms.

The TV ads, created by JWT Beirut, are based on the insight that prepaid users in Lebanon have, for many many years, created 'systems' to save their cell phone credit - Touch has approximately 300,000 missed calls on its network daily. In fact some Lebanese have entire conversations using just Missed Calls.

But now, with the new offer, we're announcing that Missed Calls are a thing of the past. 

What better way to illustrate that than our very own twist on the silent, black & white movie, where miscommunication and confusion is very apparent due to the lack of - in our case - people using their cell phones to communicate properly.

The Delivery


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