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2000 sees the release of Jean Michel Jarre’s album Metamorphoses. This is Jarre’s first ‘vocal’ album in which he works with several female artists: Laurie Anderson, Natacha Atlas, Deirdre Dubois (Ekova) and Sharon Corr (The Corrs). True to the choice of the title, Jarre allows himself to naturally evolve into a new form of expression, very personal.

For the dawn of 2001, Jean Michel Jarre teams up with his favourite science-fiction writer Arthur Clarke (2001 Space Odyssey) to create 2001 – Rendez Vous in Space. The state-of-the-art musical and visual odyssey is staged in Okinawa, Japan, with Asian star Tetsuya Komuro “TK” on January 1st 2001 to mark the true arrival of the new Millennium.

June, the same year, Jarre performs two exclusive concerts at the ancient theatre, Herodus Atticus Odeon, at the Acropolis in Athens. Commissioned by the Greek Ministry of Culture, he composes Akropolis, a theme for symphonic orchestra dedicated to the historical site for the future.

On the 7th of September 2002, Jean Michel Jarre chooses the North of the Kingdom of Denmark to celebrate the Wind and renewable energies in a once again totally singular site: a windmill field near the city of Aalborg, where 50 000 paying audience attend.

2004 sees the release of the album “AERO” (CD + DVD). “AERO” is a first; the album is constructed in surround sound and dolby digital 5.1. Like the milestones of Mono (1877) and Stereo (1958) that went before it, « AERO » is a unique 360° sound experience that marks a change in the way we listen to music.

October 2004, Jean Michel Jarre performs a historical concert in Beijing at the Forbidden City and Tian’Anmen Square. An audience of over a billion followed the show on Chinese TV (CCTV four different channels), NHK Japan and French national TV.

August 2005, Jean Michel Jarre was invited by Nobel Peace Prize, Lech Walesa, to celebrate 25th Anniversary of “Solidarnosc” in the shipyard of Gdansk in Poland in front of a paying audience of 170.000. Over 7 million TV spectators followed the concert Live on Polish national TV – TVP1.

December 2006, in partnership with UNESCO, Jean Michel Jarre performed an amazing show in Merzouga - Morocco, in the Sahara Desert, to promote the UN program “Water For Life”.

December 2007 : To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the seminal album, Oxygene, Jean Michel Jarre took over Théâtre Marigny in Paris for 10 extraordinary and intimate concerts, where he performed the entire masterpiece, with the help of three musicians and using the original mythical instruments; more than fifty legendary analogue synthesizers.

2008 saw Jean Michel carry the Oxygene electro-accoustic theatrical project across Europe to some of the continent’s most prestigious theatres – London’s Royal Albert Hall, The Carré in Amsterdam, Kremlin Palace in Moscow, The Circus in Stockholm, Berlin, Prague, Warsaw…Jarre played sold-out to audiences that revelled in sharing this unique experience, up-close and personal.

2009 – 2010 Jarre embarks on his first ever World Tour inviting the audience to journey into his singular universe; to immerse themselves totally in his world of timeless music and vision, in place and time. He promises with this unique and brand new super production to share the energy of his macro concerts with the emotions of an arena experience.

With the fusion of analogue synthesisers, cutting-edge digital technology, spectacular lasers design and lighting choreography, Jarre has conceived a show that encapsulates his signature expression and talent for creating milestone events.

Video realized by Beirut Night Life

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