Baby Steps

Baby Steps unique concept guides you, step by step, from the moment you conceive until your kids are ready for school. Our professionals have been providing pregnant women for decades with the care, knowledge, and attention needed to make their pregnancy, labour and delivery as amazing and memorable as this gift of life is intended to be

The care continues even after birth. Our Daycare center provides your new born and kids, all the attention and love that your precious little ones deserve. Baby Steps gives back to the community by providing a year-round free of charge program for parents that includes prenatal and postnatal care. Our goal is to use Baby Steps to get to slowly and surely to a community near you, no matter where you are.

We are located in Ain Aar, a minute away from Bikfaya Main Road.

Our strategic location ensures a quiet environment surrounded by plenty of space where kids can play in nature and between trees.

Mobile: +961 71 855788    
Phone: +961 4 927885    

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