We Offer You a Nation

This is the newest play by Antoine Ghandour, opening at the Casino du Liban Theater on 12/12/12.
Wed, Dec 12 · 08:30 pm - 10:30 pm

“نقدّم لكم وطن” (We Offer You a Nation) is inspired from the real-life story of Patriarch Elias Hoayek, Father of modern Lebanon soon to be beatified by the Vatican. It’s an emotional and funny play that touches on the most decisive time in Lebanese history, and interweaves personal stories and historical accuracies seamlessly.

The declaration of “Greater Lebanon” (Le Grand Liban) is told through the eyes of a music teacher (Abir Nehmé) and a medical doctor (Gilbert Jalkh), and the clever and funny depiction of their love story set in a retirement home populated by prominent Lebanese elders of all sects. Antoine Kerbage delivers an electric and charismatic performance as the Patriarch Hoayek.

This production by Liban Patrimoine SAL is directed by Raymond Gebara & Gabriel Yammine, and features original music by composer Joseph Andari and lyrics by Poet George Kfoury, with catchy and patriotic songs destined to become classics for the years to come. Costumes are signed by Papou Lahoud and stage by George Asmar.



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