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(Source : l'Orient le Jour)

What is Lebtivity?
Lebtivity is your social calendar for events in Lebanon!

Through a one of a kind user-friendly interface, Lebtivity enables users to search for all kinds of activities in Lebanon, share plans with friends and create their own events!

Get ready to organize your life, one event at a time, by checking out the latest activities posted on Lebtivity and picking the ones that suit you best.

If you are an event organizer, we help you connect with your attendees, advertise, promote and manage your events. We provide you with an easy to use tool to create all types of events; such as dinners, gatherings, hiking trips, concerts, festivals or conferences. And it’s all for free!

Lebtivity is carefully designed to work on all platforms and devices in order to offer you a mobile and tablet friendly website.

L’équipe de Lebtivity

  • Randa Farah : à l’origine de l’idée et du projet de Lebtivity, et chargée des événements.
  • Rana Abou-Rjeily : conceptrice du logo de Lebtivity, de l'identité et des couleurs du site.
  • Charbel Jamous : concepteur du design du site.
  • Teddy Zeenny : en charge du côté technique du site.
  • Georges Zeenny : responsable de la coordination du projet.

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