Discovering Lebanon's Nature

Lebanon, land of the Cedars, is located in the Middle East; a region that is mostly deserted and sandy. Unfortunately subject to many political and religious troubles since the middle of the XIX century, Lebanon, home of the Phoenician civilization, is a small country ( 10.452 km2 ) with a landscape full of mountains, valleys and plains.

With 200km of coastline along the Mediterranean Sea and mountain peaks reaching up to 3088m of altitude ( Qornet el Sawda ), Lebanon has the particularity to combine Occidental cold ( temperatures may drop to reach -5 degrees Celsius in the winter in Mount Lebanon ) with Oriental heat ( temperatures may rise to reach 40 degrees Celsius in the summer ).

Lebanon also presents the unique mixture of green and barren ground on one hand, a country of culture ( most the people speak three languages ) and of civilizations on the other. Lebanon is a country where the mountain touches the sea. It is this small spot in the Middle East with more than 300 different tracks which remains a jewel of nature that I invite you to visit and enjoy.

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Karim Paul Habet

Concepteur du site et Photographe, il est également à l'honneur dans la dernière édition de l'Orient le Jour Junior où son publiés nombreux de ses clichés.

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